A “Thank You Letter” after the meeting is always right.

Dear Dar, my sweet humanity ambassador,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Your meeting incentives me to be a continuous creative player.

You gave me the keys of astonishment.

The Message is the Human, A great message!

Not all Humans know what they want.

Our discussion was a travel through the past, a discovery of the future.

This is how the marvelous meetings come into existence,

The meanings exceeded the video limitation to become a flock of white doves.

We both were wearing white, that’s the truth!

Your messages have fulfilled all the conditions of incitement.

Fruits, torches, lamps, a carnival of happiness, and emotional and intellectual exchange matter.

Who’s hearing “you are a smart, intelligent and sensitive young man, I like you!” from a Hollywood star?

The human star I prefer.

Your stories revealed to me the human Dar in you.

I will keep growing what the 5% of people on earth are doing. I love the process of doing it.

I will not underestimate my talents.

I will make it. We will make it.

Thank you for all the answers and your kindness.

I will send them to the friends who ask for them.

“Humanity ambassador number two”.

Thank you for the invitation to your podcast “The Art of Being Dar“.

It’s a big honor for me.

See you soon,

Enjoy making your passion in the “human writing lab“.