Good morning. It’s 7pm 10 Feb 2024.

I read the news on how Kausal secured €880k to help cities reach their sustainability goals.

I took 9 hours and 47 minutes of my time to make their official newsletter.

I call this “value-first approach” to initiate meaningful conversations.

The next day I hit “send” on my Gmail inbox.

Awesome people and good companies are too busy to notice you.

You need to be different.

💬 Long story short:

Kausal is a Helsinki-based climate tech company in a mission to help cities take smarter climate actions.

Kausal developed a software-as-a-service for cities to set clear climate targets, build actionable climate plans and stay on track to achieve them.

Kausal makes climate efforts visible for everyone and engage the community by bringing all stakeholders together.

Kausal helps communities turn data into knowledge to address broad and systemic problems.

But what led a media entrepreneur in logistics marketing person send that email.

😂 Fun facts  

In 2022, I started an initiative called “Slash Sustainability” but as soon as I shut it down. Most websites have an /about page where visitors can find background about the person or the business. The idea of “Slash Sustainability” is to build a directory of brands and companies where a /sustainability page lets visitors know how they think about sustainability, and what they should interact with their visions.

I always re-share financial memes on Facebook. One of them was asking what’s the amount of money to be financially free and live good. I easily write €850k. Kausal folks had €30k more, but that €880k seemed a familiar figure to me lol.

💡 Perspective

For me, having a clear goals about my life and career is a bless. In the cursus of achieving our goals, we use technology. Technology is great when it serves people. However, people tend to follow people, hear stories, learn from each other, and share success.

People, cities, cultures, environments, infrastructures, communities, governments…humanity! With information boom, industry verticals, niches, specialities, given data from the COP28, countries policies/strategies, alarming challenges and global issues..Whenever there are problems there are solutions and one can make an impact and print money.

Joining a leading software company looks sexy on a résumé, but any business model powered by community is a sustainable business. Like I said before, SaaS solve world’s complex problems and serious issues in any field, but a CaaS (Community-as-Service) focus is wild. That’s in general the reason I applied.

💯 Application Specifications

My main objective is to be part of Kausal organization to create and develop the Kausal community. I set 4 pillars (reasons and whys). Again, there’s no community open vacancy (now) and I aware of the difficulty for non EU residents. You can read

1. Passion intersection: In 2022, I was working in a digital marketing agency, leading a small team. I saw many business models and worked with customers from different backgrounds and industries. I start to care more about sustainable eCommerce brands and sustainability actions in general. I started Slash Sustainability as an initiative to explore more on how companies think about sustainability and how people should interact with their visions.

2. Career development: I’m a creator and a community person myself. I have learned to serve people and communities since I was a student. Currently I’m helping people get hired in the logistics industry through Espace Logistique and looking for a community job role in Helsinki. I would love to have the opportunity to learn many things inside a community-centered organization, doing the things I love—community building, driving conversations, company growth, business development, newsletters marketing, and business strategy.

3. Culture-first professional environment: I understood clearly what teamwork means inside companies like Kausal. It is the center of the company’s culture. For me, I would like to work with people from different backgrounds, people that have great ambitions and big goals, in order to perform well. I admire people who struggle to achieve their goals and dreams, and that’s contagious for me.

4. Collaborative success mindset: I believe in collaboration. I can’t do everything by myself. I can help the organization build and develop community relations by connecting thought leaders, industry experts, key players and customers to build the community. The newsletter is just the medium.

👉️ Other reasons encouraged me to apply.