Hi, I’m Mahmoud Aitelkatab

Born and raised in Casablanca, then moved to Berrechid in 1999, where he currently lives (Morocco).

He’s a 30-year-old serial maker with an entrepreneurial spirit at the intersection of building brand communities (eCommerce), digital logistics, and growth marketing. He created a community-driven media brand (Espace Logistique), a niche marketing studio (Industry Labs Co.), a passion lab (AFTERWORK LAB) and an eCommerce brand (Areej Fragrance), and more..

About me

Mahmoud’s hustle culture and luggage are filled with failures and experiences that helped him shape not only his cosmopolitan personality from a young age, but also a passionate interest in constructive community perspectives, the ‘making culture’, passion-economy transformation, and global sustainability issues. He dropped out of college to do a logistics diploma.

During his center years (2015-2017), he came across both the digital logistics industry and the world of growth marketing, and from there he always tried to put the two fields together, trying to find new ways to cultivate his passions and invest in his creativity. In so doing, he created espacelogistique.com, a logistics-centric professional community for the next-gen (Gen Z) of supply chain people. In his early internships, he started networking (attending 38+ events in 2019 alone), writing a blog, and building the community.

He’s passionate about:

and others…

He helps individuals discover their passions to build their passion-led projects and helps brands across industries build their community from scratch through programs or grow their existing one.
In his free time, he discovers old civilizations, travel to new countries on his list, go to picnics, collecting artworks & crafts, exploring Moroccan cities, making pizza, reading books, curating music playlists, and watching movies.

My work

Prior to Espace Logistique and Areej Fragrance, his work included different roles from Centralized Load Control, to inventory logistics, to digital content and social media marketing roles.

Visit my projects page to learn more, or connect with me on LinkedIn and Read CV to see details.


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Interviews & Media Content Contributions

Since 2013, I have made several interviews with people on Arabic local press sites. In 2021 I collaborated with Vishal Pathik Gupta and Mohammed Rafy from Uncommunity Club on conducting community interviews – Ask Me Anything interviews in their newsletter which you can find on the media and press page.

(AMA = Ask Me Anything, a collaborative series I formed with Uncommunity Club to run interviews with champions from the community building world).

AMA with Max Rothery, VP of Community at Finimize

AMA with Mindy D, Senior Community Manager at Discord

AMA with Sharath, ex-Head of Program at Product Hunt

Conversation With Diana Briceño, Head of Content at VEED

Conversation with Abdel Tammari, 3D Generalist at YEYSOME Studio

What is No+code? – Geeks Bla Bla

The Art of being Dar – The Mahmoud Ait Elketab Experience


Other than content, I created a few initiatives on social media to help others.

Securing 100 job opportunities for logistics students: interns and Professionals (2020)

Get in touch

Whether you are looking for community advisory, email marketing help, or simply looking to connect, I’d be pleased to chat!

The best way to connect with me is through Instagram, WhatsApp, or Email.