My 100 Year’s Resolution List for 2023

2023 Goals Themes

Hi visitor,

I just set up my website and the SSL is not active yet while writing this. I can’t wait to share my year’s resolution list that will cover many themes and aspects of my goals, both personal and professional.

As Steph Smith said “living life openly”, each year I openly share my year bilan of achievements on social. Now I normalize tweeting more as a better way to keep on track of documenting the goals I set.

Below you can find my tweet and its progress on each goal.

For who doesn’t know what OQP means, it’s an approach that you made and let Only Quality People on your circle. Fundamentally, there are two steps to setup OQP on your life:

Step one: define quality people

By choice, we as a human beings we tend to get the best things for our lives. As a community person, I do meet a lot of people, new friends in coffee shops, IRL events, online events and summits, and I constantly thinking and figuring out my personal definition of “quality people.” In my life, quality people are those who I feel pleasant surround them, the ones who support me, enhance me, inspire me to do better, to create better, bring me happiness and joy, and make me laugh.  

Step two: protect quality people circle

The second step consists to figuring out how to create a distance between myself and those people in my circles who do not fit my definition. I dumped three old friends for their consistent disrespect, lack of humility. Nothing is impossible, I did it and I’m comfortable since then. Next is creating boundaries.

I learned automations using Zapier, wrote 10 blog posts. NO gym done (feel bad), and my biggest failure this year is I made 0 ARR dollars. While I had some issues with a scammer employer, I lost all the money that supposed to be my payroll and ended up slowing the process of building my logistics media company, Espace Logistique. With this result, team momentum went down and process follow-up went but I’m patiently and steadily getting back to the works.

Good things: personally speaking, I became a cat father this year, my sun and champion’s name’s Micho. I attended two summits, the first Growth Summit by Demand Curve and the second is Community Business Summit by Business of Community, led by Tatiana.

I do want to share other highlights that went good, like ensuring a $7.5K pre-seed for my newest e-commerce startup for frankincense and luxury ouds. I also make a new friendship with Dar Dixon, the Hollywood actor. He’s a sweet person.

The story is one line: we (me and my brother) launched Areej Fragrance.
A new vision to innovate thousands of years into the frankincense.
I spent 3 hours crafting the pitch deck to sent to the investor after a 1 hour mindset call.

It’s done.

Professional development

✦ Work with a community-centric organization (tech startup, venture capital).

✦ Learn Figma Basics and Studio to add Social Media AR service on my Contra for e-commerce growth potential customers.

✦ Drive more conversation in group or 1-1 with community builders and members from communities I am part of.

✦ Conduct the “10’MINTOK” a funny quick AMA of 10 minutes podcast where I will ask 10 funny questions to community builders and they should answer in 1 minute for each question.

✦ Participate in one of the podcasts.

✦ Host a series of Twitter Spaces as part of the global supply chain community.

Personal development

✦ Launch my one-page website.

✦ Launch my main website.

✦ Launch my digital read CV.

✦ Active gym subscription and training program.

✦ Renew the aesthetic of my library and bookshelf design.

✦ Start a personal podcast (didn’t figure out the concept yet).

✦ Curate articles, comment notes, translate and drive conversations (mini interviews) with passion economy leaders and authors.

✦ Conduct IRL workshops on “Community Intelligence for Brands” and “You 2.0 Personal Brand” URL workshops.

✦ Establish more startup-life balance.

✦ Collect and translate my poetry notes “Milk Memory”.

✦ Building my morning routine.

✦ Stick to the daily habit checklist to track routines.

✦ Systematize listing processes and mapping projects and goals.

✦ Establish a balanced sleep routine.

✦ Write 1 blog at least each month.

Relationship development

✦ Family first. Make the family studio and search the family tree archive.

✦ Set up the picnics program and spend a little time outside once a week.

✦ Set up the occasional travelling program.

✦ Cowrite the relationship success roadmap.

Business development

✦ Find Pre-seed for elevation Areej Fragrance new market in Middle east, Dubai UAE.

✦ Build all the media features

✦ Use robots to automate our workflow: newsletters, emails campaigns, advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

✦ Make MA SUPPLY CHAIN done by adding all our logistics media projects in one-place.

✦ Create the “Notion Operating System for Business” course.

✦ Offer Community-as-a-Service packagings through Contra account and the Afterwork Lab website. This service will be in freelance for e-commerce brands who aiming to build their Brand Communities. I will work mainly with luxury brands.

✦ Bring the new job boards to life on Espace Logistique.

✦ Co-launch “”, a writing collective with one or two creators in the creative circle.

✦ Find skin care partners and distributors across channels in Morocco and Dubai.


✦ Make the community onboarding work system and process for potential clients and partners.

✦ Make the Mahmoud Garden and MaaS (Mahmoud-as-Service) as a two coins for my Notion Operating System (NoOS).

✦ Growth my Twitter following from 1134 followers to 10.6K followers in 2023.


✦ Build the foundations of the Chefchaouen Brand.

✦ Co-develop the “Logistique Au Maroc” with moroccan companies in transportation sector, logistics, retail, tech, ventures, and e-commerce brands.

✦ Share the public roadmap and change log of my logistics media startup, Espace Logistique.

✦ Launch “Asking For A Founder” knowledge using tweets walls.

✦ Work on a Supply Chain Visibility tool or a micro-SaaS.

✦ Create the Supply Chain Bank info product.

✦ Create visual and video guides on Instagram and TikTok for Morocco Review.

✦ Curate Moroccan Culture content: food, clothing, lifestyle, etc.

✦ Launch a Product as a Maker :ship Supply Chain Newsletter on Product Hunt.

✦ Ship Supply Chain Newsletter on Beta List.

✦ Find a Global hunter for “Stack Chain” project.

✦ Launch the Startup Brief archive listing.


✦ Invest in the SLOW COMPANY and rebrand the Biky Express for eco-responsible delivery (green logistics) in the local city Berrechid, where I live.

✦ Fund the Packaging Waves project.

✦ Invest in the Grow plan on Beehiiv newsletter.

✦ Make the community bookshelf.

✦ Sign global partnerships in Sultanate of Oman, Canada, USA and UAE to develop Areej Fragrance brand’s positioning worldwide.

✦ Launch our antique collections and paintings on “Aitelkatab” Shopify.


✦ Set a monthly program for the Afterwork Club community. The programs will be offline IRL and on Geneva platform.

Geneva programs will include:

✦ Launch the Casa Offline community.

✦ Launch the Supply Chain Garden Twitter community.

✦ Curate the community internet in Luma blog and Super site (CHS).

✦ Make “Hire My Friends” initiative public and accessible.

✦ Find unique ways to make a difference in my communities.

✦ Become a role player in makers communities like Product Hunt community, Indie Hackers, LinkedIn groups, TW:in Slack, Geneva homes and other communities (no metrics for this but I have a plan).


✦ Supply Chain Roundups (1 thread / week).

✦ Community Notes: essays and curations collections on Startupy World.

✦ Write as a Guest Host on Fueler.

✦ Write as a Guest Host on Generalist World.