Building better e-commerce brand communities

I co-build a new fragrance line called “Areej” with my brother, Abdessadek Aitelkatab.

Areej Fragrance is a Moroccan-omanise e-commerce brand that innovates in the incense industry and reinvents thousand of historical feelings. Since 2022 we are making frankincense more inclusive and accessible. Our goal is two-fold; to leave the world a better place than we found it and people better off before they found us.

Bayt Oman Maroc is the official frankincense and oud retailer in Morocco since 2021.

Building the Future of Startups: community studios

In 2021 I launched the Afterwork Lab. It started as a personal accelerator to transform my passions into projects. As I was doing the work, the community economy raised in the past 3 years, so I decided to relaunch it as a community studio to help friends of the studio with people, strategy, direction, and marketing for passion projects.

On the other hand, the Afterwork Club operates as a hybrid community to empower creators, community builders, and business founders, and encourage the passion economy among our community members through activities, check-in calls, resources, tools, and learnings.

Learn more about this:

Accelerating the transition to sustainable thinking and digital logistics

I created Espace Logistique with an ex-friend and then stayed alone on it.

Magazine Logistique is a platform to find and collaborate with logistics and transport suppliers and providers. Through this brand media, we stand at the intersection of logistics marketing, innovations, and community development. We run one of the largest online logistics and supply chain communities in North Africa and the Maghreb countries.

Professional Community for the next-gen logistics in Morocco

Village Logistique is an open Telegram group for modern logistics professionals. The community includes thoughts, stories, interviews, and experiences at the intersection of logistics & transportation, industry innovations & opportunities.

Newsletter Logistique, we share interviews, job opportunities, and logistics & transport news.

Jardin Logistique is the logistics boutique for LaaS (Logistics-as-a-Service) and products.we provide for the community. Hoodies and online courses will be coming soon.

Media Brands & Newsletters

Slash Sustainability is a directory of brands that have a /sustainability page where they share their sustainability commitments. The newsletter covers interviews and the www stories behind the sustainability thinking of these brands. Read why I started slashes to learn more about this.

Slash Stories from sustainable brands

Interviews & Content Contributions

Since 2013, I made several interviews with people on Arabic local press sites. In 2021 I collaborated with Vishal Pathik Gupta and Mohammed Rafy from Uncommunity Club on conducting Ask Me Anything interviews in their newsletter which you can find on the media and press page.

Now I am writing on my newsletter and soon I will launch the following series:

  • Conversation & Tea Series
  • Community Conversations Series
  • Chaghaf Economy Series

Other than content, I created a few initiatives on social media to help others.