The Art of being Dar – The Mahmoud Ait Elketab Experience

I reached out to the Hollywood actor Dar Dixon after seeing a ‘Quoted Tweet’ where he was advising a young man not to tweet/write that kind of shiny marketing title. It was resonating with my perspective as I was battling for the past 2+ months of continuous work, days and nights to bring a pre-seed investment and build the new business castle after I lost (get scammed) 40,000 Moroccan dirhams!

Here’s what happened!

​I have known Dar since I was a kid watching movies and series on MBC ACTION and MBC 2 at that time. What triggered me the last couple of weeks is I went to tweet some ideas stuck in my mind and found a few “viral tweets”. As someone who has his opinion on things, I check the quoted tweets to see if are resonating with me. Hopefully, I did and it was Dar quoting a tweet titled “the best newsletters that can replace your MBA”, and that wasn’t true.

​I got his email reply and I had one of the best virtual meetings in my life. It wasn’t like any of the meetings I had with startup founders in the past couple of years. It was Dar Dixon, the beautiful mind and soul who gave me the keys of astonishment. We talked for an hour and a half and it was a great connection between two brains and two souls. I learned a lot by listening to his stories and learnings from his 3 decades of record and sometimes interrupting (I was SO excited and enjoying the discussion). I hope he forgives me, but hey, he’s Dar ❤️.

​Twitter these days is full of bulshit, lies, and fake delusional startup advice and entrepreneurial mindset. That was part of our discussion besides success and failure stories, he even told me he possessed his very first acting card at the age of 29 actors used to have that time when he came out to the United States, escaped a revolution and a cult from Iran. Listen to my experience on “The Art of Being Dar” podcast.