Mahmoud Aitelkatab

Mahmoud Aitelkatab

Business, Strategy and Email in Casablanca

30 years-old Moroccan entrepreneur, marketer and community solutionist at the intersection of sustainability businesses, eCommerce, elogistics and growth.

4 months ago

Hi, welcome to my "digital résumé". I'm a entrepreneurial spirit maker and a community solutionist connecting human experience to business and innovations. I write good emails and drink tea

Work Experience

2023 — Now
  • In charge of managing the brand's products listings

  • Handling the PPC budgets and projections for the specific markets: United States and Canada

  • Coordinates with the creatives team regarding copywriting and image creation

  • Conducts Split and A/B tests for email marketing campaigns

  • Project Management with owner

  • Discounts management and pricing changes

  • Product in-stock coordination with the operations director

  • Plan and execute email sales campaigns

2022 — Now

Home for making frankincense and luxury incenses (Ouds) accessible and inclusive.

2013 — 2024
  • Elaborate marketing research e and competitors analysis

  • Improved automated emails and SMS sequences

  • Launched A/B testing campaigns using Klaviyo

  • Analysis and improved paid campaigns performance

  • Prepared and sent 125+ email campaigns during the season

  • Prepared the ad copies swipe file for advertising and copywriting

  • Brand partnerships and campaigns coordination with influencers

  • Reporting and  analysis of marketing performance

  • Shopify shop platform management and customers inquiries

  • Customer support through social media communication and email

  • Content calendar creation and mood board creation for Instagram

  • Traveled to Istanbul to meet-coordinate with company’ suppliers

  • Marketing efforts resulted in $500k in 5 months.

2022 — 2023

Media and community studio at the intersection of logistics development , innovation and co-marketing.

2022 — 2022
Marketing Project Manager at SparkSalze
Remote Digital Agency

I was conducting marketing team management, business development operations, and customer care for the client's portfolio of projects.

2018 — 2021

The moroccan logistics community for the ambitious and modern professional.

2019 — 2020

Flights documentations & centralized load control operations in Europe, Morocco, and US.

2019 — 2019

Lead generation for an employability startup.

2018 — 2019

Digital Project: producing logistics content: blog posts, articles, guides, and project presentation to release a logistics portal.

2016 — 2018

community-centric media company committed to helping you, the business leader of tomorrow, become smarter in minutes. We started with a small Facebook group and eventually a single weekly email newsletter and now produce a portfolio of podcasts, videos, events, and newsletters.

2017 — 2018

Goods handling, periodic inventories, monthly reporting, orders and cleaning and packaging.

2017 — 2017

Freight Forwarding study internship in a port and international trade environment.



A small venture which I'm planning to start and share the learning resources I came across. The purpose behind this is to provide the best resources to learn applied online marketing through email marketing, copywriting, psychology, tweets, articles, books, and others.
Are you ready?
I will be posting soon here, till then, it's loading!


What’s the newsletter about?
I send a monthly digest through my newsletter to share my journey in building projects and startups + takeaways on community building, innovations, and consumer trends spotting roundups. Other than this, I also share learning resources to grow your mindset and skillset.
If you want to share your story of the ‘founder conversations’ series, please send me a note to


Here for the community ❤️

  • Highlight the future of passion economy for makers and first-time founders
  • Empower passion-led economy with tools, chat, discussions that make it possible for anyone to create economy around his/her passions.

Fuel Your Passion Journey With The Best People!
Today's makers, passionate founders & community builders.

Side Projects


DAO Chain Network is a newsletter and a community for the industry-leading supply chain entrepreneurs.

The DAOCN Mission & Goals

  • Making it much easier to 'discover supply chain entrepreneurs and DAOs'. Just like Yahoo in 1995 made websites more discoverable, and Product Hunt made new products more discoverable, "Chain Foundation" will do the same for supply chain entrepreneurs and DAOs.

  • Making it much easier to 'understand DAOs'.
    "Chain Foundation" is a kind of simple DAO that aims to be the easiest way to learn about supply chain concepts, people and organizations through a consistent format and community driven model.

  • Serves as the 'source of truth for Supply Chain DAOs' information and stats, making it easier for anyone to see DAO activities, reviews, trustworthiness, and other data.

  • Monthly Twitter threads on the future of supply chain, industry insights like EVERGREEN moment, 3DP, AI, VR, AR, IoT, web3, green economy, doceconomy, circular economy and many more.


At the DAO CHAIN 💫 we provide community, resources, and tools for supply chain entrepreneurs and friends.


All-in-one XaaS news: Anything-as-a-Service Models
is a newsletter and updates about making your passion into economy via XaaS models (for creators) and revealing why companies are heading to these XaaS.


Daily discovery of the people-centric reviews in Morocco.


Pizza worth reading
The newsletter that brings cheesy innovations to you every other Saturday.


How to work with me

Tech product product to present an inventory management system for small businesses. (French COPY)


First-of-its-kind consumer and culture trends report, bringing together fifteen content creators, leaders, and artists for candid conversations around the future of commerce.


Sharath is known as the “Product guy”. He is a maker and design/product nerd. He co-founded Shout Out which is the recipient of Product Hunt's Maker Grant.

He’s building online communities by solving people's problems through the products he creates.


Welcome to the golden age of the community economy.


A series of AMA interviews with founders and directors from the logistics and tech world.


A great AMA interviews with the Awesome 3D generalist, Abdel Tammari. He’s from Salé, Morocco. He creates and makes motion design on Moroccan culture related art projects that combines innovation and Morocco’s authenticity.



I was featured on Sunday Special by Fueler with a bunch of inspiring and passionate generalists.



I was honored to receive a certificate of appreciation within the activities of the Moroccan Federation of Investors and Entrepreneurs.
This encouragement from the federation only increases my pride and urges me to give more to the investment community in Morocco, and I will share with you what I learn during my continuous journey in building brands, digital communities, and self- and practical investment inside and outside the Kingdom of Morocco.

Certificate of Recognition as Catalyst in the Sustainable Entrepreneurship BootCamp from Médafco Development

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB™) course is tailored to help anyone interested to know what Six Sigma is; learn key concepts in Six Sigma; and to get a basic understanding of how the Six Sigma method works in improving quality and reducing defects.


Certified Six Sigma White Belt demonstrated an understanding of the most basic level of the Six Sigma Methodology. The White Belt Certification designation also reflects knowledge of the basic definition, history, and structure of the discipline. This understanding provides a solid awareness of who is involved in the actual Six Sigma implementation, and their roles within an organization.


Related Lean Six Sigma concepts to any give scenario at work, society or home.


Through self-paced learning, I earned this badge and displayed an understanding of topics such as AI, Augmented Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.


Through self-paced learning, I earned this badge and displayed an understanding of topics such as cloud computing, cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, data storage, and flexible infrastructure.


Through self-paced learning, I earned this badge and displayed an understanding of topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), real-time updates, secure communication, organized data, storing information, transferring signals, and sending alerts.


Through self-paced learning, I earned this badge and displayed an understanding of topics such as Blockchain, supply chain, recording transactions, transaction blocks, tamper resistent, and real-time records.


Through self-paced learning, I earned this badge and displayed an understanding of topics such as what is quantum computing, Qubits, entanglement, and superposition.


SAP’s procurement strategy and the latest procurement innovations in the SAP Ariba and SAP S/4HANA solutions.


I learned how to use social media for my business, Espace Logistique and manage our community from creating a social media strategies, driving trafic and build a social presence across channels.