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Not sure how you found your way here, but I’m glad you did. I simplify community-building and revenue-focused go-to-market for businesses through growth marketing, email, strategy, and culture. In other times, I co-build communities and new projects with driven entrepreneurs. There are four ways I do this:


Email and Strategy by Millennials, for Driven brands and businesses.

In a fast-forwarding busy world where media is largely ‘bombarding’ us, it’s more crucial than ever to build your community of people in a different way, understand their nuances, and connect with them authentically. This isn’t just about mastering the community metrics— it’s about knowing what resonates, what matters, and what drives your audience. For brands, it’s about crafting a brand narrative that includes community in the conversation.

Industry Labs Co. is an email marketing studio led by an amazing team of strategists, email marketers and content creators. Immerses in digital culture for as long as we can remembered we help brands (eCommerce and others) elevate their email marketing campaigns, and create content that resonate with the community, audience and consumers.

We help create spaces of meaningful connection on the email space, and make marketing more human. We work with clients around the world ranging from startups to organizations to eCommerce brands, to create content, digital strategies and email marketing campaigns that are authentic, fun and fresh.

Just reach out, and you’ll never worry about your email marketing game again.

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Short hand-picked roundups, stories, consumer trends, eCommerce news and tools, selective creative marketing campaigns, cultural and consumer insights. It’s free, dedicated to the people who’re interested in eCommerce and marketing and it’s currently read by 2,300 subscribers.

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Fuel your passion journey with the best people! AWC is a club for today’s makers, passionate founders & community builders.

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Most websites have a /about page where visitors can find background about the person or business. A /sustainability page lets visitors know how your company thinks about sustainability, and what they should interact with your brand’s vision. I made this newsletter to cover how companies and brands from all sizes and shapes integrate sustainability within their processes and missions. At this point, the Slash newsletter is on paused, but sooner I will cover the ‘www’ stories behind /sustainability most iconic eCommerce brands on my radar.

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